Flyne, a news reader from the developer behind Falcon Pro, goes live


Developer Joaquim Verges — you might remember him as the man behind the popular Twitter app Falcon Pro — has just released a new Android applications — Flyne. It's an offline reader that allows you to take your favorite articles with you, on the go, without worrying about a data connection.

The app itself is free, and you can pull in sources a curated list, but you'll need to pony up 99 cents for Feedly or Twitter access. The app itself is stylish in the manner you'd expect from the force behind Falcon, so this one's well worth a look. There's a dark theme available as well. (We're fans of that, for sure.) 

The article content takes center stage here, with other elements floating on top and not much chrome to distract from what's important. Give 'er a go, we say.

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